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About Us

Athletic Director

Mr. Doug Wherley, CAA
(717) 624-2157 x2016

Assistant Athletic Director

Mr. Steven Sidote
(717) 624-2157 x2026

Athletic Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Patty Musselman
(717) 624-2157 x2022


The New Oxford Athletic Department is committed to providing all student-athletes the opportunity to fully develop their academic and athletic potential.  Student-athletes will epitomize good sportsmanship while learning to appreciate the benefits of hard work, motivation, and perseverance in practice and competition.  Colonials will take pride in their accomplishments and maintain integrity in defeat. Student-athletes will represent New Oxford in the highest esteem, will learn the values of responsibility and respect, and will understand the importance of teamwork while participating in extracurricular activities.  

Core Values:

1)     Character – the crucial blend of personality and values.  It is the essence of who you are as a person and reveals much about what you’ve experienced and what you want.  Character is telling the truth, even when the truth hurts.  It is doing the right thing when no one else is around.  It is overcoming adversity, being resilient, and having the courage to stand up for what you believe in.  Character is a great indicator of success.

2)     Teamwork – the building of relationships and working towards a common goal.  Players must recognize their role within the team and understand that this role is an integral part of the team’s goals. Being part of a Colonial team is greater than any individual goals.  When everyone on the team works together to accomplish goals, everyone achieves more. 

3)     Commitment – the dedication to your task, your organization, and your teammates.  It is an unwavering display of loyalty to the process of winning and to achieving the desired result.  Commitment means following through on the process of winning, despite the difficulties and decisions that may deter you.  Once you have made a decision to commit, you are making a choice for yourself and for your team. 

4)     Trust – the mutual belief between player and coach is necessary to move forward.  Players must trust that coaches have the best interest of the student-athletes in mind, will put the players in the best possible position to succeed, and every member of the team is working towards the same goal.  Coaches must trust that players will be accountable to each other, will put forth their best effort to be successful, and will make decisions with the best interest of the program in mind. 

5)     Competition – the underlying foundation of sports.  Players compete every day, whether against an opponent or against themselves.  Competition should be used whenever possible to determine playing time.  Our goal is to compete in every contest and to excel at the highest level while abiding by the rules set forth by the sport.  The competitive spirit is necessary to reach one’s full athletic potential.