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Mission and Purpose  

  • To support and aid the student-athletes, coaches, and parents of the Conewago Valley School District to enhance all athletic programs, activities, and experiences for the participants and the student body at large
  • Established as alliance of all the previously independent booster clubs of the individual sports, in an effort to improve efficiency in fundraising and to develop and implement standards for the equitable and appropriate support for all New Oxford student-athletes
  • The NOABC shall cooperate and coordinate its activities within the guidelines of Conewago Valley School Board Policy 915 Parent Booster/Support Organizations
  • At no time shall the NOABC attempt to interfere with the internal operations or decision making of the school’s Athletic Department
  • At all times, and in all of its endeavors, the Club shall strive to maintain its focus upon the best interest of the student-athletes

Contact Info:  
NOABC Main Email
Volunteer Coordinator Email